Camp de Lite & Fire logs

The fuel of the camp fire

After reading this you'll see these things everywhere !


Fire logs are widely available through major retail outlets such as Tesco, B&Q, B&M, Home Bargains also from petrol station forecourts, garden centres and some on-site camping shops stock them too.


The price varies quite a lot from £0.99 from Home Bargains to £3.49 from B&Q and Tesco.


The logs themselves weigh about 1.1 kgs and are wrapped in paper which forms the ignition material. Depending on weather conditions the logs burn for about 2 hours so it's easy to determine how many you're likely to need for your trip.


Unlike burning wood, fire logs are small for amount of camp fire effect and when combined with Camp de Lite gives delivers enough real camp fire effect for a large group of friends.


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A typical fire log
The fire log sits neatly in the fire basket
The fire basket has a capacity of two logs. Simply place the second log in the basket when the first is coming to an end.