So we thought it would be nice to show Camp de Lite in action, here's our Gallery

Send us your photo with you doing your thang with Camp de Lite and we'll up load it to the web site for everyone to enjoy.


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Us, G.O.T.H. Arley Hall, Warrington August 2011
One of CdL's most loyal customers racking up a total of 3 CdL's; respect to you ... Mr Dave Bell
The Condons trying out their CdL in the garden before camping
How lovely ... by David Williams, near Chateaulin, Brittany
Ben Miles and Chris Miles, Lake District August 2012
Paul Thompsons mate ! (Fron Farm, North Wales)
The Gerrety's gettin' down with their CdL
Mark & Liam Roberts (picture by Christina Roberts) the gorgeous Delamere, 2012
The Kay's, owners of Champs Field Camp Site, Nr Tadcaster, enjoying a break in Scotland
The Stritch family and friends, Royal Umpire Site, Croston, Preston
Members of the Dandy Forum
CdL a-blaze during the Olympic closing ceremony !