So, you wanna know how Camp de Lite came about

This is our story, simply a family of three and an idea that we believed in and kept on believing.

In the beginning

We've all done it, well those who have been camping for most of their lives. you get you first tent, sleeping bag and you're away. You're late teens maybe early twenties, you've got transport and you're out for the adventure. All you need is a tent and a sleeping bag to come home to, that's about it.


As you get into the camping life you quite like the idea of a chair, maybe something to cook on rather than having to make that journey over to the catering van and queuing for your first cup of tea or coffee in a polystyrene cup.


The more camping trips the more gear you accumulate and keeping up with the Jones' is fun and camping is becoming a more civilised experience.


So, by now you've got all the gear, experience; oh yeah.


After years of camping with the family and taking bamboo candles to provide a nice ambient light while we sit and chat until late we came across an idea while at a VW Camper Van festival at Arley Hall.


There was a guy with a big white van who unloaded a huge fire pit, closely followed by a whole load of timber to burn. He clearly had the capacity to transport all this stuff along with the camping gear. To the far right of us was a guy with a single garden candle.


There had to be a middle ground.


We got a fire log from B & M (£0.99) and a throw away barbeque. Placed the barbeque on an up-side-down pan so it didn't scorch the ground and sat the fire log on top of the barbeque. Not particularly safe but we found that everyone came and sat round our efforts.


But, there you go. We had a controlled camp fire that we didn't need fire wood for and was environmentally friendly.


That was the start of Camp de Lite and after about 6 months trials and manufacturing prototypes ... we give you Camp de Lite (made in the UK)