Be safe and respect the environment

Meet Burnie ... what a dude !


He's gonna help you with a guide you with the Do's and Don'ts.


  • Enjoy your Camp de Lite
  • Be responsible
  • Take care
  • Sit back and relax, Camp de Lote is designed not to require "maintenance" once lit
  • Follow the advice on the fire log packaging, it's there for a reason
  • Only use out doors and well away from other combustable materials
  • Follow the countryside codes
  • Make sure you visually inspect Camp de Lite prior to using it each time
  • Make sure there has been adequate cooling time after use


  • use other materials other than firelogs on Camp de Lite
  • the suppliers for the fire logs advise not to cook over fire logs
  • stoke and "play" with the fire
  • get too close to a lit Camp de Lite
  • Forage for fire wood .. use fire logs